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Servo Controls India

Servo Valve Servicing

Did you know at SERVOCONTROLS, we are experts at servicing, repairing and upgrading all make Servo vales.

With over 25 years’ experience SERVOCONTROLS has built an impressive reputation for a cost effective, fast turnaround on service/repair/upgrades of the following Manufacturers Servo valves:

  • Abex
  • Atchley
  • Bosch
  • Dowty
  • EMG
  • Herion
  • Moog
  • MTS
  • Plasse
  • Parker
  • Rexroth
  • TSS
  • Ultra
  • Vickers
  • Yuken

Level I Servicing

Functional Test and Preparation of a cost Estimate filter inspection change of filter if necessary. Cleaning and final functional test with Null Leakage, Null Setting & Expanded flow plot tests.

Level II Servicing

Level I + Functional Test with installation of new feedback assembly (Armature Flapper Sub Assembly, (AFSA)), repair of first stage. Electronic card testing + assembly. Final test with null leakage Expanded flow plots, & Differential Plots.

Level III Servicing

Level I + Functional test with installation of Bushing & Spool Assembly (BSA)/Torque Motor, Third stage electronic repair/LVDT repairs and final test with Null Leakage, Expanded flow plot, Differential Plot tests.

Note: Please note that only the defective components among the following are replaceable and chargeable, and the replaceable defective components are send back to you along with the valve.

Inspection Charges

  • 2 Stage valves Rs 2500=00 + service Tax.
  • 3 Stage valves Rs 3500=00 +service Tax

Note : Inspection charges are applicable if any of the above servicing level are not carried out.

Reports provided:

  • Initial Inspection Report.
  • Customized null condition and fail safe condition depending on the customer application/input.
  • Final Test Report along with Null leakage and expanded flow plots. Differential Pressure Plot. Spool Position Plot etc.


  • When we receive the valve we will check the valve with our test rig for its respective specifications and check the parameters like Null Leakage, Null bias, body crack, etc. If the valve does not respond to its command signal then we check the valve for any it’s worn out / missing components.
  • Based on the observations
    1. We will send you the service quotation (Service Charges & Material Charges) along with Initial Inspection report.
    2. Once we get the confirmation and work order form your side we will do the necessary servicing.
    3. Once the valves get serviced we will take the flow plot, Null plot, Differential plot, Dynamic Response Plots as per respective specifications.
    4. The valve also gets tested in closed loop systems.

For more information, please contact us:

Tel: +91-0831-2407501/02/03

Cell: +91 94483 95747 / +91 94483 95742


Inspection Report

Test Report