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Curtiss-Wright Exlar electromechanical actuators provide some of the most compact and lightest actuator solutions available.

Exlar’s unique roller screw technology delivers higher force in a smaller package than comparable ball screw technology, as well as greater flexibility, higher efficiency, and lower overall maintenance than traditional fluid power solutions. Exlar actuators are being used in thousands of applications around the world, improving efficiency and throughput.

Core Technology

Exlar’s development of unique actuator products began because of industry’s call for a cleaner, more efficient and controllable alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

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GSX Sereis Actuator

For applications that require long life and continuous duty, even in harsh environments....

Tritex 2 Series Actuator

By combining the latest electronic power technology with advanced..

FTX Series Actuator

Hydraulic cylinders provide long life and high force in a small package size.

KX Series Actuator

Exlar KX Series actuators offer advanced roller screw technology in varying..

SLM Series Servo Motor

Brushless servo motor and gearmotor technology from..