LEVEL I servicing:

Functional Test and Preparation of a cost Estimate respective analog/digital output temposonic. Inspection of interrogation pulse and return sonic pulse amplitude and frequency. Soldering the loose connections if any with respect to their color codes. Final functional test/linearity test, set point calibration or null zone and dead band calibration w.r.t the respective type of temposonics.

LEVEL II servicing:

Level I + Change of respective Connector flange assemblies. Change of Personality modules (pucks).

LEVEL III servicing:

Level I + Change of Driver board assembly or change of Sensing Element. Testing of respective magnets w.r.t temposonics wave guides/sensing elements for their proper functioning.

Special servicing charges will be charged for AOM, AK288, EB288, MK292 or any other MTS Germany, MTS Japan and MTS USA made electronic boxes or interfaces and Intrisically safe temposonics and respective electronics.
We will be providing the Initial Inspection Report, Final Test Report. We will set the customized null condition, zero and span set points as per customer requirements.