Steel Mills

MTS Temposonic Position Sensors for Steel mills GH & RH Series

In this Application, the quality of sheet metal gauging depends on the performance of the position feedback and the continuos throughtput of the rolling process, on the dependability of the position sensor, even in the harshest steel mill conditions. Because poor end product quality and machine downtime are costly in the industry, customers choose MTS temposonics position sensors to keep their processe running at peak efficiencies.

Application : Roll gap positining & Roll bend application on a steel rolling mill Benefits :

  • Superior response and accuracy result in higher mill performance and optimized material flow control.
  • Accuracy also results in higher consistancy from change over to change over as well as reduced setup time and prevention of roll damage.
  • Rugged, reliable construction allows for use in wide range of environmentally harsh conditions.
  • Superior EMI and noise immunity ensures trouble free operation in a wide variety of applications.
  • Fail safe Servovalves when electronics failure takes place.


(Most popular in SteelMills for AGC, Edge guidance, change cylinder, loopers etc)


For RP Sensor For RH Sensor
-Sensor -Postion Magnet -2 Mounting Clamps -Sensor -Hex Nut

Servovalve – Technology

The Servocontrols – Star valve utilizes a Jewelled feedback ball on their feedback wire assembly so that valve will have longer span of operation before “Glitch” effect. Our feedback wire ball is made of SAPPHIRE this is much harder than diamond so there is no wear and tear on the ball and thus prevents null shift and null drifting, Even the end orifices are made of SAPPHIRE so their is no wear and tear inside the orifice and even contamination ie, Micronic level is cut into still smaller level and thus can increase the life of the valve.

To our customer where servovalve life, performance and reliability go, our objective is to offer highest quality products and services beyond that our competitors have tried to match.
Servovalve Technology for the 21st Century. Servocontrol-Star innovation ” Jewel in the Crown “

Servovalves specially designed for STEEL MILL application with 350 bar pressure rating Model 550 4 port configuration – 22,22mm PCD 2 Stage Mechanical Feedback Medium / High Response Electrohydraulic Servovalve Ordering Code

Model Code Nominal Flow at 70 Bar(lpm)
550-101 550-102 550-103 550-104 550-105 550-106 4 10 20 40 60 75

Flow Vs Pressure drop characteristics

The nomical rated flow of a servovalves is the load flow under conditions of 100% electrical input and 70 bar total valve pressure drop. The load flow pressure characteristics closely approximates the theorotical squareroot relationship of a sharp edged orifice ( figure 1). The flow tolerance for standard servovalves is ±10% of the nominal rated flow at +100% input signal. Flow gain null is determined by the relationship of the spool and bushing metering edges and may vary with standard production talerances, flow gain in the region of ±5% rated current from null may range 50% to 200% of the nominal flow again. The null leakage comprises of both pilot stage flow (tare leakage) and the second stage null leakage.


A direct Drive flow control proportional valve with a high force level perment magnet linear force motor directly driving the spool. A LVDT is attached to the spool to provide spool position feedback. An internal loop is closed around the spool position. This is one of the best DDV available in the world performancewise. You can directly replace the existing servovalve with this high performance DDV and get the same performance with added high resistence to contamination of oil. The unique feature of this valve is that “There is no null leakage” unlike other DDV’s thus reducing power loss at null operation.

SC633 – XXX (Standard Valves)

± 10 Volts Input, lpm at 35 bar each land.

Model Flow in LPM
SC633 – 101 5
SC633 – 102 10
SC633 – 103 20
SC633 – 104 40

± 10 mA Input, lpm at 35 bar each land.

Model Flow in LPM
SC633 – 201 5
SC633 – 202 10
SC633 – 203 20
SC633 – 204 40

SC634 – XXX (Standard Valves)

± 10 Volts Input, lpm at 35 bar each land.

Model Flow in LPM
SC634 – 101 60
SC634 – 102 100

± 10 mA Input, lpm at 35 bar each land.

Model Flow in LPM
SC634 – 201 60
SC634 – 202 100

Moog and Servocontrols Servovalves Comparison

SL NO. Servocontrols Servovalves Filter (Replaceable) Moog Servovalves Filter (Replaceable)
1 454 SCF 41504 776 A02460 (Pencil Type)
77 – 1
2 455 SCF 41504 77 – 2 A02460
3 456 SCF 41504 77 – 5 A02460
4 500 SCF 41505 760HP A02460
5 550 SCF 41501 E061
SCF 41501 62 25446 – 001(Orifice Type)
SCF 41501 73 A02460
SCF 41501 76 A01713 – 001
SCF 41501 760 A02460
SCF 41501 769
SCF 41501 G761 A67999 – 100 (Disc Type)
6 550 – 101 SCF 41501 G760 – 3001 A67999 – 100
7 550 – 102 SCF 41501 G760 – 3002 A67999 – 100
8 550 – 103 SCF 41501 G760 – 3003 A67999 – 100
9 550 – 104 SCF 41501 G760 – 3004 A67999 – 100
10 550 – 105 SCF 41501 G760 – 3005 A67999 – 100
11 590 SCF 41501 760 – 9
12 650 SCF 41501SCF 41501 62 25446 – 001
25446 – 002
13 1650 631(NG10 Pattern) A67999 – 100
14 1650 – 101 SCF 41501 631 – 3001A A67999 – 100
15 1650 – 102 SCF 41501 631 – 3002A A67999 – 100
16 1650 – 103 SCF 41501 631 – 3003A A67999 – 100
17 1650 – 104 SCF 41501 631 – 3004A A67999 – 100
18 1650 – 105 SCF 41501 631 – 3005A A67999 – 100
19 890 – 1xx SCF 41502 (Catridge) 72( Internal Pilot/ B 36263 (Catridge)
SCF 41503 (Tube) Internal Drain) A 40589 – 100(Tube)
20 890 – 2xx SCF 41502 (Catridge) 72( External Pilot/ B 36263 (Catridge)
SCF 41503 (Tube) Internal Drain) A 40589 – 100(Tube)
21 890 – 3xx SCF 41502 (Catridge) 72( External Pilot/ B 36263 (Catridge)
SCF 41503 (Tube) External Drain) A 40589 – 100(Tube)
79 – 100
22 200H 79 – 2XX Pilot A40589

Servocontrols Servolab – Repair & Servicing

We have set up the state of art Servo system Lab and Toolroom at our works in Belgaum, Karnataka which is one of its kind in entire India.In this facility we have set up the assembly, service & repair center (level I, II and III) for all closed loop components like Servovalves, Servoactuators position / velocity / pressure / forceloop, electric cotrollers.

Servocontrols – Hydraforce Proportional Valves

We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of high qaulity Electro – Proportional pressure, flow and directional control valves. We are designing high performance valves to meet virtually any need encountered by steel industry, for flow rates up to 450 lpm and pressure up to 350Bar. Our electronic controllers with latest PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology offers precise control with constant output.

Coil Operating Parameters for Proportional Valves

Coil Electrical Rating
Valve Size Coil Voltage Max. Control Current
08 10 1170±115 mA
08 12 1000±100 mA
10 10 1320±120 mA
10 12 1100±100 mA

Servocontrols custom integrated manifold block systems :

We offer custom integrated manifolds with highest quality in the world. Our manifold block systems offer several advantages :

  • Consolidates Hydraulic Control System, reduces plumbing. Installation costs are dramatically reduced.
  • Avoid leakages.
  • Reduced down time, components can be changed without disturbing the plumbing.
  • Catridge circuites in custom manifold offer uneqalled flexibility.

Servocontrols – Senstronics Pressure Transducers
(Which are most compact using the state of the art ASIC technology)

Pressure transducers used in steel mill industry for pressure control are built on Thin Film Technology. The Servocontrols – Senstronics thin film technology and its manufacturing process have no equals a just reward for six years dedication and research for uncompromised perfection. Manufacturing process is called TCAS which means “Thermal Compensation at Source”. TCAS with thin film technology ensures a staggering thermal accuracy of 0.005% / degree C and compensate for any ambient change in temperature & also to withstand the pressure spikes which are typical in steel mills, with special snubbers.

SERVOCONTROLS – DELTA Closed Loop Controllers

Servocontrols – Delta Computer offers Motion Controllers for servo-hydraulic and servo – motor applications featuring fieldbus communications, ethernet, PROFIBUS – DP, Modbus Plus, Serial and Digital I/O (25 + protocol). Connect I/O with mix and Match transducer modules allowing more than 500 configurations. Use powerful RMC win software (earlier used with Cegelac Controllers in Steel Mills) to easily setup, tune and diagnose your applications.

Open communications : Any PLC, Any Computer, Any System Control motion and transfer real-time SPC motion data over a distributed fieldbus or use just a few pushbottons in a standalone application.
PROFIBUS – DP Ethernet Modbus I/O Discrete I/O RS – 232/422/485 Serial

High Performance Motion Control, Flexible, Optimised.
Long years of experiance in Servo hydraulic and motor control bring your algorithm that do more than simply work well they sqeeze performance out of your system.
PID with extend and retract feed forward for both velocity and acceleration synchronizing, gearing, superimposed mover Trapezoidal, S – Curve and spline profiling. Profiles changable on the fly teach modes.

SERVOCONTROLS – DELTA Closed Loop Controllers

MDT (Magnetostrictive Dispcolor=”#D2691E”lacement transducer) Interface. Connects directly to all major magnetostrictive linear displacement transducer brands like MTS – Temposonics and different types, including multi magnet.

12 and 16 bit analog Bring in position, Velocity, pressure or analog reference use the 16 bit version for motion control with analog feedback, or for high resolution force control.

Quadrature Interface:Hook up with encoders and glass scales Control servo motors or stepper or bring in for gearing.
SSI Interface:Use with MDTs, resolvers, and absolute encoders equipped with a synchronous serial interface.

RMC Comapnion Products

Voltage to Current Converter;High performance & High Bandwidth V to I converters are designed for converting a voltage drive output to a current drive output in order to control a servo valve application. Features:

  • Two channels of Voltage to Current conversion.
  • Full scale output current switch selectable from (0 to ±10Volts)± 10mA to ± 100mA
  • Input and outputs can be paralleled for output current.
  • LED to indicate input polarity and amplitude.
  • LED to indicate output saturation.
  • Compact DIN – rail mount package.


Online diagnostics and data acquisition using our closed loop controllers will help you to tune your gains. Our controllers are inbuilt with special algorithm to take care of null shift of servovalves. Irrespective of change in null position of servovalves the controller adjust itself to overcome the null changes in servovalves thus reducing valuable downtime of Steel Mills, HRM’s,CRM’s and any closed loop applications.

  • Large static loads 0 up to 35.0 M Tonnes.
  • High screw speeds – 5000 rpm and above.
  • Up to 15 times longer life. Ideally suited for heavy duty steel mill applications.
  • Preloaded nut options for zero backlash.

This robust roller screw design is composed of roller that are manufactured with precisely the same thread angle as the nut. This construction is particularly well suited to applications that require very high loads and high speeds. This is possible because Servocontrols – Exlars planetary roller screw designs provide many more contact points than possible on comparably sized ball screws. This result in higher stiffness, higher load capacity and 15 times the travel life of similarly sized ball screws. The diagram on left shows number of contact points in ball screw as compared to the number of contact points in a roller screw. For detailed specifications contact our experts at .

Servocontrol – Ormec SMLC Sleak Controller

Servocontrol – Ormec’s Servowire Motion and Logic Controller is at the center of complete machine control solution that can meet all of your motion, I/O and networking needs. With Pentium processor, Fire wire Drive networking and ethernet connectivity, SMLC allows to focus on solving application instead of integrating control components. The SMLC Servowire drive network and Modbus/TCP provide state of art I/O and motion control up to 16 axes, programmed using IEC 61131 – 3 standard language including relay ladder logic. The Servowire Motion & Logic Controller features high performance computing capability combined with true real time operating systems (RTOS). This system is cost effective and having robust computing power for multi-axes motion and I/O and motion control applications.

Servocontrol – Ormec motors and drives

Servowire SM drives provide high performance servo operation utilizing digital networking technology based on IEEE – 1394 (Fire Wire). Each servo drive supports a variety of high performance, encoder based servomotors. All servowire drives utilize IGBT based intelligent power modules and provide ost effective solution for motor control applications. Servowire SM drives combine all digital operation with DSP technology to produce fast updates and correspondingly high performance. The high bandwidth control loops in Servowires along with high resolution motor feedback combine quick and accurate torque, velocity and position control. Position, velocity and torque loops are all closed in Servowire SM drives.

Servocontrol – Ormec motors

Servocontrol – Ormec brushless motors provide high torque to inertia ratioes and excellent continuous torque and peak torque performance in a compact design. These industrial quality servomotors incorporate high energy, rare earth, neodymium – iron – boron magnets and a highly efficient stator winding design which results in excellent power density. These servomotors also completely eliminate brushwear, Maintenance problems, extremely durable construction, rugged MS connectors provide reliable interconnections to both motor and optional encoder. Features:

  • Continuous stall torques from 0.3 to 75 Nm.
  • High peak torques from 0.96 to 113 Nm.
  • Output power from 0.13 to 15 HP.
  • High maximum speeds up to 5000 rpm.
  • Class B or F insulation providing long winding life under rated operating conditions.
  • Minimum torque ripple and cogging for smooth low speed performance
  • Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated (TENV) standard (IP 67)
  • Optional fail safe holding brake.