Servo Valves / Proportional Valves

Servo Valves / Proportional Valves Service Center

Abex, Atchely, Cincinnati, Coburn, Dowty, Dyval,EMG, Herion, Hydromatic, Kawasaki, LHC, Moog, MTS

Oilgear, Olsen, Parker, Pegausus, Plasser, Rexroth- Bosch, Schneider, Sopelem, Towler, TSS, Ultra, Vickers, Star

LEVEL I servicing:

Functional Test and Preparation of a cost Estimate fitler inspection, change of filter if necessary. Cleaning and final functional test with Null Leakage & Expanded flow plot tests. Null Setting.

LEVEL II servicing:

Level I + Functional Test with installation of new feedback assembly (Armature Flapper Sub Assembly, (AFSA)), repair of first stage. Electronic card testing + assembly. Final test with null leakage and expanded flow plot tests

LEVEL III servicing:

Level I + Functional test with installation of Bushing & Spool Assembly (BSA)/Torque Motor, Third stage electronic repair/lvdt repairs and final test with Null Leakage & Expanded flow plot tests.

We will be providing the Initial Inspection Report, Final Test Report along with Null leakage and expanded flow plots. We will set the customized null condition and fail safe condition depending on the customer application/input.
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