Plastic and Rubber Part Manufacturing

Servocontrol – Hydra force

We offers one of the most Comprehensive lines of high Quality Electro-proportional pressure, flow and directional valve. We are designing High performance valves to meet virtually Any need encountered in Plastic processing Machines for flow rates ranging from 1 to 450 lpm and pressure adjustment range from 2 to 350 Bar ,single and bi-directional control valves. Hydra force also offers electronic controls for Valves with PWM technology. We offer custom integrated manifolds with highest quality in the World. Manifold surfaces are fly cut to assure squareness And exact sizing where precise location is required. We offer aluminum, M. S, Casting manifolds to suit the needs of designers engaged in plastic processing Machine designing.

Fully Conditioned Pressure Transducers

Pressure transducers used in Plastic processing machines for pressure control are built on Thin Film Technology. The Senstronics thin film technology and its manufacturing process have no equals, a just reward for six years dedication and the search for uncompromised perfection. manufacturing process called TCAS which simply means “Thermal Compensation At Source”. TCAS working together with the Senstronics element technology called ThermotecTM ensures that sensing elements leave the Fab for final assembly, manufactured to a staggering thermal accuracy of less than 0.005% / degree C.

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EP / EP2 Low Cost Temposonic Magnetostrictive ( Contact less ) Technology at the price Of Potentiometer

Servocontrols – MTS [ SENSORS GROUP]

Our sensing technology is routinely used on 3 axes of plastic injection molding machines: injector control, ejector control, and mold closure. Superior ruggedness and reliability, as well as a host of other applicable performance features, makes MTS Temposonics linear-position sensors the smart choice for this application.

Benefits :

  • Superior response and accuracy result in higher machine performance, part quality and reduced cycle time.
  • Temposonics sensors offer rugged, reliable construction resulting in longer operating life when compared to potentiometers.
  • Linear-position sensor design actually reduces setup time when compared to mechanical limit switch setup.
  • High shock and vibration tolerance and superior EMI and noise immunity ensure trouble free operation.

Scope Of Delivery :

  • Sensor
  • Captive sliding magnet or floating magnet
  • 2 mounting clamps up to 1250mm stroke + 1 mounting clamp for 500 mm each

Measuring Range :

  • Up to 1500 mm in 50 mm steps
  • Up to 3250 mm in 250 mm steps
  • Option: Other lengths upon request

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Electric core pull cylinders :

The hot topic with injection molders is all-electric core pulls. It’s an easy retrofit, just replace your hydraulic cylinder with an Servocontrols – Exlar electric actuator! The flexibility of the servo system allows the use of the existing hydraulic control switches for a near drop-in replacement. Additionally, servo systems eliminate lengthy start-ups and high maintenance, minimize cycle time and improve throughput! Servocontrols – Exlar offers several families of all electric, servolinear actuators designed to fit and mount in the same space as hydraulic cylinders. The combination of speed and force will meet or exceed your performance expectations. Servocontrols – Exlar actuators are also perfectly suited for applications such as toggle actuators, assist cylinders ,blow pin cylinders, clamp and locking cylinders etc.

Servocontrols – Delta Computer Systems

Delta Computer systems offer Motion Controls for servo –hydraulic and Servo motor applications featuring fieldbus applications, Ethernet, Profibus –DP etc.. Control motion and transfer real time SPC Motion data over a distributed fieldbus.. Or use a few pushbuttons in a stand alone application. Years of Experience in servo hydraulic and motion control .PID with extend and retract feed forward s for both velocity And acceleration Synchronizing, gearing, Super imposed moves trapezoidal, S-Curves and spline profiling Profiles changeable on the fly teach modes

Servocontrols – Ormec Drives

Servo Wire SM drives are designed to offer high performance motion control using all-digital servo drives connected via an open standard FireWire network. These drives designed on DSP technology to produce fast updates and high performance. The high bandwidth control loops in the drives along with high resolution motor feedback combine for quick and accurate torque , velocity and position control, velocity and torque loops are all closed in the SM drives.

The Blow Moulding process is used to turn plastic stock into finished products the process involves many steps.

  • Pressurizing molten plastic to form a tubular parison
  • Enclosing the semi-molten parison in a mould.
  • Inflating the parison with air, causing it to assume the a shape of the the mould.
  • Cooling and ejecting the blow moulded part.


A programmed command signal is applicable to a servo actuator which controls the die gap(Parison). The die gap feed back signal is compared with the command signal from the programmer. In this way accurate parison thickness is achieved.

Parison Programming Benefits :

  • Parison programming provides improved container quality, higher production rate, increased profits
  • Parison programming provides constant wall thickness through the container, insuring improved mechanical endurance at minimum weight .
  • Due to reduced weight, less cooling time, cycle time is less resulting in decrease in material cost to ensure higher profits.