Electromechanical Actuator


At Exlar, we are very proud of our innovation and development of quality products. With our unique product offering, we have pushed the limits of conventional motion control to provide more speed and more force with less space and less maintenance. Our core competency is our patented roller screw technology which differentiates us from every other actuator supplier. Now, we have expanded that core competency to include leading-edge technology for rotary motors and gearmotors. This product breadth, combined with solid engineering and product quality testing have allowed us to succeed and grow our business. We’ve assembled an extensive support network of highly trained professional representatives and earned the confidence of customers whose products are used throughout the world. As you review the designs in this catalog we think you will see how Exlar’s unique products could be incorporated into your design for more efficient motion control. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your motion requirements with you and make a recommendation.
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Torque In N-M : 0.82-66
Force In N. : 409-55109
Force In Tn. : 0.0417-5.623
Velocity In mm/sec. : 101.6-1018
Stroke In mm. : 75-455

AC Actuator Force : 14341N
Velocity : 635mm/sec Max
DC Actuator Force : 3879N
Velocity : 635mm/sec Max
Stoke length : 450mm

Torque In N-M : 1.22-2.88
Force In N. : 485-3936
Force In Tn. : 0.0495-0.401
Velocity In mm/sec. : 127-635
Stroke In mm. : 75-150

Torque In N-M : 8.3-485
Force In N. : 8900-90800>
Force In Tn. : 0.908-9.265
Velocity In mm/sec. : 145-1500
Stroke In mm. : 75-150

Force In N. : 15kN
Velocity In mm/sec. : 833mm/sec
Stroke In mm. : 20mm-1219mm
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